Chicory Wildflower Seeds 3 Pounds UDWYWGXTT

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Colorful blue robust blooms, Chicory is a must have for every gardenWorks well in gardens, meadows and along road sides, also a wonderful plant to add to deer plotsEasy to grow, requires little maintenance and thrives in zones 3-8Sowing Rate: 1 lb covers 7,260 sq ft.

Chicory is a perennial wild flower seed that grows best in well-drained or moderately drained soils. It is one of those wildflowers that you see everywhere, along highways, railroads, in open fields & abandoned lots. Chicory is famous for painting roadsides with its electric blue flowers, creating a spectacular summer show. This variety will grow in almost any sunny spot and delight with elegant blooms year after year. Chicory is also edible, adding gorgeous color to your favorite summer salads.

Chicory Wildflower Seeds 3 Pounds UDWYWGXTT

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