BIA Cordon Bleu 23-Inch Oval Fish Serving Platter White YDCBKGRZD

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Long oval platter beautifully serves an entire fish filletMade of durable porcelain in a glossy all-white finishMeasures 22 by 9-3/4 by 2-1/4 inchesSafe in the oven, microwave, and dishwasherComplements white porcelain dinnerware from BIA Cordon Bleu

This classic white platter is a great gift for any newlywed or new homeowner. You can serve your favorite fish dishes as well as any other dish that you would like to display on a great platter.


A slender rainbow trout or thick slab of wild salmon presents to its best advantage on an oval platter. The larger of two white porcelain oval platters from BIA Cordon Bleu designed especially for serving fish, this one measures 23 by 10-1/2 by 2-1/4 inches, with its flat central portion measuring 18 by 6-1/4 inches. The border slopes significantly upward, creating a well to hold juices or sauces. When fish is not on the menu, the oval platter handsomely serves a selection of sliced breads, desserts, or appetizers, and slips compactly into a buffet serving line where large round platters might not fit.

BIA Cordon Bleu makes an extensive array of white porcelain dinnerware and serving pieces in both classic and contemporary shapes. Mix and match the oval platter with square bowls or rectangular dishes for a truly individualized table. To help make life simple, the platter safely keeps food warm in the oven, reheats in the microwave, and cleans up without worry in the dishwasher. --Ann Bieri

BIA Cordon Bleu 23-Inch Oval Fish Serving Platter White YDCBKGRZD

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