B Blesiya Set of 2Pcs Stretch Armrest Covers Solid Color Sofa Chair Arm Sleeves Beige PROINSAQY

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The soft stretch fabric of these sofa armrest covers is comfortable and smooth to touch.One-size-fits-most,our armrest covers suit for more than 90% sofa of armrest( like 1-seater soda, 2-seater sofa, 3-seater sofa).Simple design,suit for any style chair and sofaMake your armrest keep pristine longer. It is great for home with children and pets.1 Pair Sofa Armrest Covers ( Only sofa armrest cover, do NOT includes sofa and slipcover)

Wiggle seats have become popular with teachers and parents alike for their ability to calm the hyperactive child. Many parents have found wiggle seats to be a life saver during dinner and homework time. While teachers love them for the calming effect they can have on children, many even report improved behavior for ADHD and autistic children.

Besides the positive effects on behavior a sitting wedge have all the same benefits of sitting on a balance ball, activating the stomach muscles while sitting leading to better posture and less back strain from prolonged sitting.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, the Wiggle Wedge by Sensory Solutions is a cost effective answer to your needs. It is easy to change the inflation level with the included pump, personalizing it to the needs of your child. One side has small bumps while the other side has longer raised nubs allowing you the flexibility to choose for your child's tactile needs.

- Adjustable inflation level with included pump
- Perfect for a small child's seat, while being big enough to grow with your child
- Activates intrinsic trunk muscles to encourage active sitting and support the spine
- Helps keep your child calm and focused during school or meal time

B Blesiya Set of 2Pcs Stretch Armrest Covers Solid Color Sofa Chair Arm Sleeves Beige PROINSAQY

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