Anti-Ant Magic Tray Shield Pet Tray No Ants Eat Foods 1 EWIYACGAM

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Easy To UseBuy 2 above get more Discount 10% OFF !!No Plugging-In, No Water Required, Drug-FreePatent US 6460288 CertificationMade In Taiwan

Anti-Ant Magic Tray that may confuse the sense of smell and sight of an ant includes an upper disk, and a lower disk.

How it works
Anti-Ant Magic Tray is made up of two pieces of futile platters, each of which has five levels like a moat, two in ten, the two rounds together, in the middle there will be 0.5 cm gap . In this way, as the food placed above the magic pad, ants cannot climb through the gap. Ants through the sense of smell and vision to find food, if the food placed in the middle of Anti-Ant Magic Tray, according to the farther and lighter taste of the principle of the magic pad center point of the moat layer by layer, the most light taste, the edge of the strongest taste. In the naturally, ants cannot go to the center point to climb, even just touch the food. Standing in the visual point of view, when the ants crawl into the Anti-Ant Magic Tray inside, a circle of moat blocking the road, according to natural laws, ants usually into the first moat, like a maze, Continuous circle around, because of panic and the front taste lighter, the ants will choose to climb out of the Anti-Ant Magic Tray eventually. Anti-ants are different from the other products which use water, drugs, pesticides, current and other theories to kill ants, but this Anti-Ant Magic Tray take the space structure applied to the ants visual and olfactory, through the height of 2.5 centimeters of the moat, so that ants are fear. After that, ants cannot find food in the human home, then ants will be forced to migrate.

Anti-Ant Magic Tray can be used in feed pots, water bowls, food mats, trash cans, cups, etc., the current Anti-Ant Magic Tray height for the home ant design, we will designed for outdoor ants height in the future. (This product cannot be acceptable to outdoor ants, mountain ants!)

Anti-Ant Magic Tray Shield Pet Tray No Ants Eat Foods 1 EWIYACGAM

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